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5 Ways Leaders Can Create a Successful Culture

5-ways-leaders-can-create-a-successful-cultureSenior leaders around the world now recognize the importance of company culture. It is the cornerstone to an engaged workforce and, ultimately, to a company’s financial performance.

Dale Carnegie recently completed a research study to get insight into how high-performing organizations manage the different elements of culture. We surveyed 600 senior leaders across a range of industries and company sizes, across four countries (United States, India, Germany, and Indonesia). Below are the most important findings;

5 Actions That Lead to a Successful Culture

The 10% of the senior leaders that were defined as ‘Culture Champions’ – companies which exhibited a strong corporate culture and were exceeding their financial goals – shared five areas of focus. These high-performing cultures rated these five actions as extremely important for developing culture.

1. Provide Employee Training

Whether in a group setting or individualized training, professional learning and growth opportunities drive employee satisfaction. Dale Carnegie of Orange County has many training programs to help you provide ongoing development opportunities for your employees.

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2. Create a Strong Customer Focus

When the team works together to exceed customer expectations, employees feel more unified. This focus encourages more internal communication and makes individual team members feel supported.

3. Develop and Maintain Trust in Senior Leadership

Effective leaders create a safe, open environment that fosters employee trust. When leaders are consistently reliable and honest, employees are nearly 7 times more likely to be very satisfied with their job.

If you have specific senior leaders that need to regain their team’s trust, Dale Carnegie is your new secret weapon.

4. Provide Clear Strategy and Goals

Goal setting is an important practice, especially in the professional workplace. Setting a clear strategy motivates people to increase their effort, provides focus and helps with prioritization.

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5. Encourage Strong Relationships Between Employees and their Managers

When there is an intentional effort to promote dialogue and communication between employees and managers, there is a monumental shift in the attitudes of the entire organization.   

Start Creating Your Own Successful Corporate Culture

Dale Carnegie of Orange County offers a free two-hour seminar. This seminar helps participants find opportunities to compare their own organization’s culture with organizations that have high-performing cultures. You will be provided with clear steps and critical areas of focus to start creating your own successful corporate culture.

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