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Christian Robinson joins Dale Carnegie as a Performance Consultant who began his career in sales, business development as an operations manager, and as an online business owner from a young age. Chris is an adept entrepreneur with over 8 years of execution in client experience and management of business here in the states and internationally. His ventures span to Washington D.C., Nevada, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, and Mexico City, Mexico in developing his clientele. He believes that effective communication, building relationships, and earning trusted partners are the building blocks of developmental aptitude, personal success, and business advancement.

Chris’ number one goal in his new role as a Performance Consultant at Dale Carnegie is to help people take command of their work and change their lives. He’s excited to share his values to enhance the world around him by enriching the skills of each person he encounters.

Chris continues his business education by being hands-on. He’s on track to becoming a real estate professional while managing his own business and helping his wife start her own. After experiencing a Dale Carnegie course personally, Chris developed a passion for delivering the relevant, real-world, result-producing skills the programs offer.

Chris is originally from Philadelphia, PA where his parents, his younger sister, brother and nephew live. His passion is traveling and exploring new cities to try the variety of restaurants the area has to offer. He relocated to Newport Beach where he enjoys his weekends at the beach not having to shovel snow or scrape ice from windshields. Chris likes to explore OC by skateboarding, visiting beaches, and hiking the new cities with his wife Hanah. He keeps in touch with his friends from PA through a good online strategy game where he hosts events and leads a team.



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