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Going to the Leadership Management training courses at Dale Carnegie was such a great experience and one that I would recommend! Sam, our instructor, is such an amazing guy. The courses take place after work and sometimes it’s hard to switch your brain over from “work” mode to “learning” mode. Sam just does such a great job from getting you to switch over and his classes are so interactive. You don’t sit there and read out of a book, where your mind can easily wander. The activities are one that you can tweak and make them work for your team.  He makes you get up and on your feet and interact with your fellow classmates! You absolutely need the longer 7 week course to really start to build those good habits every manager should have. Some things are not new but I think every leader needs that reminder and you do get a fresh perspective on different strategies to handle work and staff.  I would absolutely recommend this course to my fellow colleagues and any manager who wants to be a great leader!

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