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Back in January of 2017 I was looking for new ways to personally develop myself as well as increase my sales numbers. I was a newly promoted banker in my company and I was trying to find ways to be in the top tier performance level. I was also trying to find that balance between being a top performer and creating long lasting relationships. I didn’t want to cheat my way into being a top performer because I knew I was looking for a long term career with the company. I sought after training programs and I found Dale Carnegie. I submitted my information and a representative by the name of Steve Thomas contacted me. He was very persistent in helping me find ways to enroll in the courses. Because of his persistence I found out my company had a tuition reimbursement program and I was able to attend. I took three courses: High Impact Presentations, Sales Advantage, and Skills for Success. After taking these courses my confidence level shot through the roof. As a naturally timid person I was able to express myself in ways I couldn’t have. From March of 2017 to April of 2017 I had a whopping 55.1% increase in my sales. It was a feat I never knew I could achieve and it was the highest sales number I recorded in my career. In the month of June I was able to repeat the same performance. I hope to continue to increase my numbers as well as be consistent every single month. I look forward to not only being a top performer but a trusted advisor, friend, and colleague. I am absolutely glad that I took these Dale Carnegie courses.

Going to the Leadership Management training courses at Dale Carnegie was such a great experience and one that I would recommend! Sam, our instructor, is such an amazing guy. The courses take place after work and sometimes it’s hard to switch your brain over from “work” mode to “learning” mode. Sam just does such a great job from getting you to switch over and his classes are so interactive. You don’t sit there and read out of a book, where your mind can easily wander. The activities are one that you can tweak and make them work for your team.  He makes you get up and on your feet and interact with your fellow classmates! You absolutely need the longer 7 week course to really start to build those good habits every manager should have. Some things are not new but I think every leader needs that reminder and you do get a fresh perspective on different strategies to handle work and staff.  I would absolutely recommend this course to my fellow colleagues and any manager who wants to be a great leader!

I knew a bit about Sales before ever going to Dale Carnegie in Orange County. But after taking some courses, I discovered some highly effective ways to communicate with prospects and build better relationships. This helped me further my professional career and close more deals! Since then, I even started my own business and use techniques I learned from the courses to boost my business.  Thanks guys!

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