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Stories of people who change their life through Dale Carnegie leadership.

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“Dale Carnegie Training has contributed to our corporate culture in a significant way. In fact, it’s probably done more to help us create a common culture than almost anything we’ve pursued and has helped us to keep that culture intact. The camaraderie and sense of oneness created in the Dale Carnegie Course has been incredibly valuable to our business.”

Phil Mattison
President and Owner, Core Products

“Spectacular changes have taken place allowing us to once again strive for perfection. Our morale is back; greater levels of respect exist among our branch personnel; the efficacy in our operation systems is evidenced in our decreased error rate; inter office communication is better; morale is high and consequently so too is our customer service.”

Michael Hause

“The ability to quickly respond to new business, identify and develop new leaders and team members who take ownership of the company's vision and mission is priceless. Engaging Dale Carnegie Training was definitely worth the investment."

Frank J. Garza
President & Principal-in-Charge, PV Maintenance, Inc.

Some things are not new but I think every leader needs that reminder and you do get a fresh perspective on different strategies to handle work and staff. I would absolutely recommend this course to my fellow colleagues and any manager who wants to be a great leader!’

- Mary Ratificar,
Baker Party Rentals

I discovered some highly effective ways to communicate with prospects and build better relationships. This helped me further my professional career and close more deals! Since then, I use the techniques I learned from the courses to boost my business.

- Mike

I took three courses: High Impact Presentations, Sales Advantage, and Skills for Success. After taking these courses my confidence level shot through the roof. As a naturally timid person, I was able to express myself in ways I couldn’t before. In just 1 month, I had a whopping 55.1% increase in my sales. It was a feat I never knew I could achieve and it was the highest sales number I recorded in my career.

- Robert K Lee,

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