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The Importance of Developing Your Future Generation of Leaders

The Importance of Developing Your Future Generation of Leaders

Change is happening faster than you think. Many companies don’t have the infrastructure or expertise to deal with industry changes, new technology, and ever-growing competition. And as long as there is no time machine, the one thing these anxiety-filled executives can do is to develop future leaders to manage all the complex changes coming our way.

What Executive Think About the Future Generation of Leaders

Research shows that top-level executives today are uneasy about their organizational leaders’ ability to handle unexpected challenges. According to the DDI Global Leadership Forecast 2018, fewer than half of 1,000 C-suite executives ranked their organization’s overall leadership quality as “excellent” or “very good.” Asked to name their biggest challenges, the executives’ top choice—identified by 64 percent—was “developing next-gen leaders.”

Why New Leaders Are Not Succeeding to Develop Future Leaders

Historically, the most successful leaders rise through the ranks due to their acute personal and professional skills. However, most of these leaders are not effective at employee training. They do know how to pass down their skills to the next leader in line. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Globoforce found that 93% of employees said their managers need training on how to coach them!

As a result, 30 to 70 percent of senior leaders fail in the first 18 months after their promotion. They have a difficult time adjusting to the growing responsibility and don’t know how to get a leadership mindset.

Why You Need to Develop Next Generation Leaders

The goal is to make a seamless process for employees to become future leaders. This way, you have a consistent pipeline of high-quality leaders. These leaders will be able to face the challenges of tomorrow and be your business’ security for future success. As experts in employee development, we know that a trained leadership team has an incredible competitive advantage. We offer an edge so substantial, most of our clients keep our Leadership Training confidential to avoid giving their secret weapon away to the competition.    

How You Develop Future Leaders

We find that an effective leadership development program can make a big difference to an organization. Starting early is key – focusing on everything from identifying the high-potential employees to providing leadership training is needed to prepare your next generation of leaders.

Dale Carnegie consultants are backed by a process that stands the test of time. Our proven methodology has helped thousands of individuals gain the skills needed to transform their organizations. We reveal the conditions required to sustain growth and have the tools needed to drive employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

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