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Dale Carnegie of Orange County has delivered training and consulting services to companies of all sizes across all business segments to help improve their performance by improving the performance of their people. 

We have helped organizations through our core programs and customized solutions to achieve results that have significantly impacted their bottom line.  Hundreds of thousands of organizations have met their specific corporate objectives utilizing Dale Carnegie. Organizations have utilized Dale Carnegie ISO-certified processes locally and globally with Public, In-house, and Live Online training solutions to achieve significant results.

Organizations have used our public programs to create their own corporate university as a key benefit that they offer their employees. They recognize the importance of developing their people in the soft skills area to help attract and retain their employees and have made it an integral part of their benefits program.

Dale Carnegie is a performance-based training company with offices worldwide. We are also one of the few ISO (International Organization for Standardization) certified training organizations in the world. These are key differentiators for our organization that enable us to consistently deliver professional development, at the highest quality, to your staff no matter where they are located. Dale Carnegie’s original body of knowledge has been constantly updated, expanded and refined through over a century’s worth of real-life business experiences in order to stay relevant in an ever-changing world to impact more than 9 million people.

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Discover your limitless potential with Dale Carnegie’s acclaimed courses. Elevate your personal and professional life through effective communication, unshakable confidence, and leadership prowess. Benefit from globally proven methodologies that have changed countless lives. Seize the chance to invest in your growth. Enroll now for a transformative journey of self-discovery and development.

Nov 1 - 3
9:00 am
1805 East Dyer Road #109 Santa Ana California 92705 United States


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Dale Carnegie Courses

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Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations
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Dale Carnegie Sales Training
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Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers
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Dale Carnegie Course: Skills for Success

Dale Carnegie Certificate and Corporate Programs

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Dale Carnegie High Impact Executive Certificate
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Dale Carnegie Sales Certificate
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Dale Carnegie Corporate University
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Dale Carnegie Corporate Solutions

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