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4 Reasons CEOs Should Invest in Employee Training


Historically, the most successful leaders rise through the ranks due to their acute personal and professional skills. These soft skills stand the test of time and keep organizations competitive as the business climate fluctuates. However, most leaders are not effective at employee training to pass these skills down to the next leader in line. In fact, a recent survey conducted by Globoforce found that 93% of employees said their managers need training on how to coach them!

As experts in employee development, we know that a trained workforce has an incredible competitive advantage. An edge so substantial that most of our clients keep our consulting work confidential, to avoid giving their secret weapon away to the competition.

Four Reasons Business Owners Invest in Dale Carnegie Employee Training:

1. Improving Employee Retention & Recruitment

Organizations that offer employee development programs usually experience increased employee retention and attract more loyal talent. Candidates evaluate training as a benefit, weighing in the “pros” column for the position. It demonstrates that you are an employer who is willing to invest in them, making employees feel important and valued.

The employees you will attract will also share a common trait that they are looking to better themselves, and that’s exactly the kind of employee you want to hire!

2. Actively Building Promotable Employees

Organizations cannot be successful over the long-term on the backs of a few all-stars — building a stable of solid, strong employees is equally important. Most employees want to reach their goals. Dale Carnegie’s 3rd Human Relations principle: ‘arouse in the other person an eager want’ underscores how training an employee for more responsibility will keep them more engaged at work.

A Dale Carnegie facilitator can coach your key employees to master the skill(s) needed to help them reach their ultimate potential. A leader can’t force someone to perform well, but with proper training, you can encourage growth and development. Together, we will prepare your current employees for possible future promotion and identify which employees have the aptitude for such a promotion. Better to learn about strengths and weaknesses in training rather than with actual customers.

3. Auditing & Optimizing Internal Systems

Dale Carnegie consultants and facilitators usually spot unwanted behaviors when training the entire organization. These behaviors are the first clue to something that needs to change. The origin of the unwanted behavior may not always be a lack of skill. For example, a department productivity issue could lie with a manager’s inability to establish SMART goals. Our clients report back increased efficiency and monetary savings once the issues are corrected.

If nothing needs to be optimized in your internal systems, you will still experience increased output and growing sales, as your employees become more proficient at doing their jobs. It’s a win-win!

4. Prioritizing & Committing to Change

When deploying employee development programs, you should go through an organizational assessment. This assessment will determine not just what skills employees need to develop, but also what the organization needs to reinforce future strategic initiatives. Investing in employee training is a powerful medium to identify the root cause of a problem. This equips employees with the skills and knowledge they need to support your new strategic direction.

Why Dale Carnegie Employee Training Is Your Best Option

Dale Carnegie consultants are backed by a process that stands the test of time. Our proven methodology has helped thousands of individuals gain the skills needed to transform their organizations. We reveal the conditions required to sustain growth, and have the tools needed to drive employee engagement, productivity, and performance.

We understand that every organization is different – so every Dale Carnegie program is designed with relevant case material and skill-building practices for guaranteed learning. To start building your customized program please contact us.

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