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Developing A Mindset Of Resilience

Developing a Mindset of Resilience

When looking at the difference between those that succeed and those that fail often time the determining factor is “resilience”. In today’s world, it is easy to be intimidated by the obstacles facing us or make the mistake of listening to people who tell us it is impossible to succeed and just give up. Resilient people continue moving forward when adversity hits them or may fail continually but keep trying until they succeed.

Is resilience a trait people are born with? No! Like any other personality trait, it can be developed over time. Does that mean it is just as easy for one person as for another? No! Some people will need to work harder to develop resilience, as life experiences could have sheltered them from adversity while others may have had a difficult life and developed it at a very young age, so we are all starting from a different place.

No matter where you are starting from these 7 tips can help develop stronger resilience:

  1. Create Your Goal – Define your goal or purpose. This will allow you to set milestones and align your efforts with relevant action to help get you where you want to be.
  2. Positive Attitude – Attitude is a key pillar for success in life. Be a “glass is half full” type of person when adversity hits. Looking at failure as a learning opportunity helps you to grow.
  3. Be a Lifelong Learner – You know you’re in trouble if you think you know it all. Always be open to learning new skills or information. The world is in constant change and the person that stops learning quickly becomes extinct.
  4. Take Action – Knowledge can be easy to come by, but successful people put it into action. Do not fall into the trap of the “someday” attitude. If you learn something you think will help you, act!
  5. Work Through Adversity – Whenever you are starting something new or doing something worthwhile, you will encounter challenges. Expect it! Don’t give up; just make up your mind to work through it.
  6. Develop Relationships – The most successful people understand that they need to surround themselves with people that will “life them up”. This means people that will encourage them, are able to give them good advice, and may be able to contribute to their success. If you don’t have those people in your life, then go out and find them!
  7. Evaluate and Incorporate – Setting goals or milestones at the beginning allows you to step back and see if you are heading toward your ultimate goal. Evaluate your progress. You may have learned new skills or information that can add to or enhance your original goal. Revise your plan to incorporate these new ideas if it makes sense.

Resilience is important in every aspect of your life. Successful people rely on it to keep moving forward and achieve greatness. Using these 7 tips to intentionally build up your resilience can set you on the path to a more successful future.


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