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Disaster Preparedness: Succession Planning For You And Your Managers

Disaster Preparedness: Succession Planning for You and Your Managers

COVID-19 has forced many organizations to make cuts in its staff from layoffs to furloughs. Many people in these organizations were not prepared to step in and assume other roles during the current harsh global reality they are facing. On top of that many leaders in key positions may leave permanently creating critical gaps in their companies. This interactive online workshop will help you develop your succession planning strategy to stay ahead of the curve, be prepared when another emergency strikes, and fill the bench seats of tomorrow.

What You’ll Learn:
With the help of a Dale Carnegie consultant, you’ll apply an effective and time-tested method for succession planning. Use provided tools, sample scripts, and practices to facilitate your process. Engage your managers by equipping them to develop their own succession plans.

Why You Want to Learn it:
The vacancies left behind by disaster, retirement, or turnover can cut deep into a company’s soul and sustainability. As the urgency to fill in the gaps mounts, the risks associated with bringing in new candidates present even more trials. If you’re not sure how to close these gaps or build bench strength, this webinar is for you.

How it Will Help You:
Ensure the future success of your organization and prepare for any talent management circumstance. Come out of the course with a completed succession plan that will put you at ease. Prove yourself as a proactive leader with a blueprint for a future talent base.

May 19, 2020
11:00 AM to 12:00 PM
Free Online Webinar

For more information on this or other free webinars, please contact our office: (949)833-3253.

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