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Five Organizational Characteristics Instilled Via Visionary Leadership To Successfully Manage Change

Five Organizational Characteristics Instilled via Visionary Leadership to Successfully Manage Change

Over the past year, organizational leaders have dealt with an increasing number of changes, issues, and crises brought on by the global pandemic, changing governmental regulations, and social unrest. This relentless stream of “fires” that leaders have had to put out has negatively affected many of them and their ability to see the bigger picture and broader scope of their reality.

However, the visionary leaders had already prepared their organizations for the challenges the past year brought with it. So, what is their secret sauce? Visionary leaders understood the importance of the example they set for their people and had already created a culture of collaboration, enthusiasm, and growth. This type of culture can survive, and sometimes even thrive, during turmoil.

Here are 5 common characteristics visionary leaders instill in their organizations to prepare for change:

  • Leads with Enthusiasm. Visionary leaders know that they set the example for the rest of the organization. If they are not excited and ready to take on new challenges, then neither will the general population of the organization.
  • Encourages Collaboration. Visionary leaders know that the greatest resource their organization has is its people. Pulling together and creating opportunities for the people in the organization to define change initiatives, contribute ideas, and work together for the “greater good” drives forward momentum during change.
  • Analyzes Trends and Issues. Visionary leaders are rarely caught by surprise and are willing to pivot the organization when change is needed. Visionary leaders are well informed on the issues. They also empower their teams to study best practices and carefully weigh options to ensure they make the best change(s) when needed.
  • Drives Creative Efforts. Visionary leaders know that the “status quo” will soon be left behind, so innovation and growth are imperative. They create a culture of innovation so when change is recommended, or demanded, the organization is ready with creative options.
  • Supports Growth. Visionary leaders want their people to grow. They know that people who are confident and empowered to take on new opportunities will not back down from changes or challenges. They will be the lifeblood of the organization during change.

Creating a culture of collaboration, enthusiasm, and growth takes intentional planning. Visionary leaders can see the need to keep their organization ready for change, so take the steps now to instill these characteristics in your organization and you will be ready for any challenge thrown at you.

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