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Free Workshop Events: Managers Matter

Free Workshop Events: Manager Matter

The purpose of this free workshop and all the other free workshops Dale Carnegie of Orange County hosts is to provide people the opportunity to experience the Dale Carnegie training style first-hand. This month the workshop was from our Managers Matter series: A Relationship-Centered Approach to Driving Employee Engagement.

The objective of this workshop was to create a value-driven workplace by strengthening engagement levels through person-centric leadership strategies. The workshop was facilitated by Steve VerBurg, President Of Dale Carnegie of Orange County. He started off the workshop by defining engagement and describe the manager’s impact on individual engagement levels. 

What is Employee Engagement? 

Employee engagement is the emotional and intellectual commitment of employees to deliver high performance. It’s the perfect balance of having someone with the skills to do their job and the right attitude to stay engaged. 

Free Whitepaper: How Managers Can Build a Culture of Employee Engagement

Managers Matter: 3 Ways You Can Drive Employee Engagement 

At Dale Carnegie of Orange County, we have worked with thousands of business owners and leaders on employee engagement training. We have found that the following three factors have the biggest impact on the employee engagement an organization has: 

  • Satisfaction with their Immediate Manager: If your organization has this void, you can address it through practicing internal communication and team building. With continued investment, your management team can get to know your employees on a personal level
  • Belief in Senior Leadership: It is crucial that your leadership is reliable and trustworthy. Now more than ever, the workforce wants to strongly believe in their employer. They will work much harder if they truly believe!
  • Pride in the Organization: Employees that love what they do and have pride in the organization they work for will do what it takes to get the job done right.   

Free Whitepaper: Transforming Attitudes and Actions

In the remainder of the workshop, Steve VerBurg taught the attendees three tools to be able to measure and actively strengthen engagement levels in their organization. At the end of the event, everyone wrote their own personal commitment to improving engagement in their organization. Furthermore, they set a deadline in which they plan to implement their new engagement techniques.   

About Dale Carnegie of Orange County

Dale Carnegie provides coaching and training to organizations to help them re-engage their employees. Our proven tools and training techniques give organizations real transformation to develop your team to become more engaged at work. We have a variety of programs in the core areas of Leadership, Presentations, Interpersonal Skills, Team Building, Sales, and Customer Service.

Curious to Try Dale Carnegie for Yourself?

If you have not yet attended one of our programs, we encourage you to attend one of our FREE 2-hour workshops. This way, you can try us out and experience the powerful method we use to train and transform your way of thinking. The complimentary workshop happens once a month, and the subject matter is always different. 

If you are interested in finding out when the next class is, you can either fill out your contact information here or find a course via our Facebook Page.

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