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Getting Your Team to Make SMART Decisions

Once you understand how your employees make their decisions, you will want to set them up to make smart decisions. As a leader, there are a variety of tools you can use to make this happen. One of these tools that Dale Carnegie of Orange County teaches is called setting “SMART” goals.

What is a SMART Goal?

This type of goal setting requires that they are 5 things:

  • Specific

  • Measurable

  • Attainable

  • Relevant

  • Time-Specific model

What is an example of a SMART goal?

Steve VerBurg, the co-owner of Dale Carnegie of Orange County, specializes in helping organizations plan and implement employee engagement programs that guide teams to increase profitability, production, and performance. Here is a video of him inside a Dale Carnegie coaching session in which he explains the implementation of a SMART goal.

Interested in Setting Your Organization’s SMART Goals?

Dale Carnegie of Orange County has programs designed to enhance organizational and emotional intelligence in an organization. We do this by providing tailored professional development solutions and leadership training. Our proven training techniques give Orange County businesses real transformation in the core areas of Leadership, Executive Image, Presentations, Interpersonal Skills, Employee Engagement, Team Building, Sales and Customer Service. We have the tools and techniques to get your team to start making smart decisions.

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