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How Modern EA’s Have The Power to Shape Their Organization

how-modern-eas-have-the-power-to-shape-their-organizationThe modern executive assistant (EA) has elevated expectations and new functions that were not done before. In addition to performing all the administrative tasks like calendaring, booking travel, and organizing events, many EA’s also oversee functions that used to be the purview of HR, finance, or operations. The role of the EA has expanded to more or less become an extension of the executives they support.

What Influence Does an EA Have?

Executive Assistants grow very close to the executives they support; they are in most meetings, know the agenda, and hear situations as they arise. All of this wealth of knowledge and time spent directly with the key leaders creates room to offer high-level strategic counsel when suited. Since the executives already trust the EA, they are more likely to have their suggestions heard.

What Types of Solutions Can an EA Suggest?

Depending on the nature of the problem, the solutions could be implementing new technologies, improving processes, or adding programs that will enhance the skill set of the team. Really any solutions they find that will help move the business forward is fair game!

How Should an EA Go About Talking to their Executive?

If you are an EA, the most important thing to remember is that executives care about the return on investment. As long as you can provide evidence that the solution will provide a measurable boost in efficiency or impact the company’s bottom line, the executive suite will be all ears.

For example, if you pitch your boss to invest in Dale Carnegie training programs (which you totally should do!), you need to have a clear plan. Prior to setting up the meeting, be sure to put together an executive summary that captures the SMART goal.

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On top of this, we also recommend preparing a budget that outlines the investment it would take. If you don’t know what the budget should be, price out three to four different programs. Some cheaper and some more expensive, and the benefits of each one.  Sticking with the example of pitching them Dale Carnegie, you could put together three plans: the first plan is that all six of you take a Free Workshop, the second program would include some paid two-day seminars, and the third budget would include the Dale Carnegie 8-week courses. This way, when the boss approves your idea, you can implement it right away. 

Let’s Grow Your Influence, Together.

Our proven methods have already helped thousands of individuals gain the skills needed to advance their careers. We’ve given EA’s the tools to engage their CEO, drive their own productivity, and improve the overall performance of the organization.

Dale Carnegie of Orange County has an award-winning team of trainers who will help you and your team improve in the core areas of Leadership, Presentations, Interpersonal Skills, Team Building, Sales and Customer Service.

Our team of consultants is here to help you determine the best program for your goals and budget. We offer 1 free workshop every month and have many different programs you can choose from. 

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