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Is Communication Holding Your Business Back?

At Dale Carnegie of Orange County, we have worked with many business owners who believed their organization’s communication was not the problem. But after investing time, money, and energy into their team’s communication skills, they found that their business was growing faster than ever before.

A business that focuses on effective communication is a business that will thrive. Why? Because when all of your employees, managers, and stakeholders communicate to create a unified vision for the future of your business, the results will be astounding.

3 Areas Where Communication Directly Impacts the Bottom Line

Since communication is not a quantitative measurement, there is really no way in knowing if your organization is being held back by it. However, from our many years of coaching businesses, we have found that improved communication can positively image these three measurable key performance metrics.

1. Communication Stimulates Growth

If your employees feel uncomfortable challenging or presenting ideas – your company’s growth will stagnate. As leadership, it is your job to educate the team. Make sure they know there is an open line of communication and that sharing ideas is encouraged. If you are able to get people to buy-in on this, you will enjoy massive benefits when it comes to growth and innovation.

2. Communication Wins You Clients

Misunderstandings, arguments, and constant revisions of work are all communication issues that contribute to a less profitable business. Get your team to practice better communication so they can respectfully interact, effectively hand-off projects and provide constructive feedback to one another. It will dramatically increase morale and productivity. And allow you to grow your current contracts and win new clients.

3. Communication Improves Retention

When your team feels like they can openly talk to your management, they will be more likely to open up and be honest about their needs. This feedback will allow your organization to understand how your team feels about the organization. As well as pinpoint what the most significant bottlenecks are in the organization. Having the power to implement change before people quit will significantly improve retention and overall job satisfaction. In turn, we often see that clear communication makes you an employer of choice.

Invest in Your Communication

As a business owner, there are numerous ways to invest in your company’s communication skills. One method is by changing the narrative that your leadership team has. Explain the importance of communication and have the HR department emphasize it to new team members during the onboarding process. Another method is by enrolling your staff in mandatory training programs. In doing so, you provide your employees with a fun, interactive environment. Making it easier to build relationships with those who have the most frequent conflicts.

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