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Should I Invest in Employee Engagement? - Dale Carnegie of Orange County

Should I Invest in Employee Engagement?

Should I Invest in Employee Engagement? - Dale Carnegie of Orange CountyEngaging employees is one of the top concerns among executives. A Gallup survey on employee engagement showed that 67 percent are not engaged, while 18 percent are actively disengaged. Together, this means that four out of five employees are less motivated to be productive, ultimately affecting customer satisfaction, profitability, innovation, and rising costs.

Dale Carnegie provides coaching and training to organizations to help them re-engage their employees. We find that when executives provide employees with the opportunity to develop new skills and grow themselves, they see an increase in employee engagement. This increase leads to numerous benefits for the organization. Below are the top 5 reasons people invest in employee engagement.

5 Reasons to Invest in Employee Engagement

  1. Employee Engagement Increases Productivity (and ROI!)

According to Gallup, highly engaged teams are 21% more productive. In addition, Accenture backs this study with their result, concluding that “a workforce that is highly engaged is the engine driving the gain in profitability and productivity that are critical to business success in a competitive global environment.” Certainly, as a business owner, you know the link between your productivity and your ROI, so this reason alone should win you over immediately.

  1. Employee Engagement Reduces Employee Turnover

On the other hand, we also find that increased employee engagement actually decreases your turnover. For instance, Work Institute estimates that 42 million, or one in four, employees will leave their jobs in 2018, and that nearly 77 percent, or three-fourths, of that turnover could be prevented by employers. As we see it, you have two options: invest in employee training or invest in new employee training. Either way, you are going to be paying for it, so why not invest in the people that you have today to be a stronger, more competitive team?

  1. Engaged Employees Make You Competitive

Happy, healthy employees will give your business the competitive edge it needs to succeed. It’s impossible to tell someone to have a positive attitude or to get excited about a new client; that is something that has to come from within. Furthermore, if you have an engaged workforce, you will see that clients choose to stay with you because they trust, value, and enjoy your employees. To back up that statement with a statistic, Gallup reports that “companies with engaged employees outperform others by as much as 202%!”

  1. Engaged Employees Improves Performance Quality

As we mentioned, shifting your focus on engaging employees reduces turnover costs and increases productivity, which shifts the quality of the work in tandem. As a professional training company, we have seen the effect of employee engagement and how it increases employee performance quality. Think about it – if you see the impact your work, wouldn’t you also deliver higher quality work?

  1. Engaged Employees Are More Trust-Worthy

Gallup also notes that engaged teams have 28% less internal theft than those with low employee engagement. This means that actively engaging your employees will make them intrinsically ethical and accountable at work.

How Dale Carnegie of Orange County Can Help You Engage Employees

Dale Carnegie has proven training techniques that give organizations real transformation. Our tailored professional development and training solutions will develop your team to become more engaged at work. We have programs in the core areas of Leadership, Presentations, Interpersonal Skills, Team Building, Sales and Customer Service.

Learn more about our programs by visiting our website.

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