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The Four Attributes of Virtuous Leaders

Organizations in today’s world are faced with challenges created not only from the pandemic but also from moral and ethical issues. These issues include subjects such as Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, Environmental Responsibility, Accounting Practices, Data Privacy, and Nepotism. It seems the never-ending stream of violations is becoming more and more rampant. Today’s employees are looking for safe refuge from the constant barrage of vice and self-interest so prevalent in many organizations.

While this issue may consume some organizations, there are many individual leaders that are shining beacons of light for employees. These leaders stand against the status quo of corruption and depravity by staying true to their values. These are the trusted leaders that win their employees’ loyalty and commitment. These are the leaders that help their teams achieve excellence through their service and example.

While there are many qualities these virtuous leaders possess, here are the four key attributes they must have:

  1. Integrity – Virtuous leaders are authentic and lead by example. You know who they are because they act in a way consistent with their espoused values and standards. Their employees know they will always choose the moral high ground over the quick buck or limelight.
  2. Collaborative – Virtuous leaders build a coalition of support. They strive to achieve the goal of the team or organization rather than their own self-interest. They empower those around them to accomplish more than they may have even dreamed they could. Their employees know they are part of their team.
  3. Humility – Virtuous leaders aren’t looking for the spotlight, rather they know they are only successful when those around them succeed. They recognize those around them. Their employees know they are making a difference.
  4. Accountability – Virtuous leaders hold themselves to the same standards they hold for those on their team. They look for ways to improve their own performance and examine feedback. Their employees know that they will be held to fair and firm expectations.

When you ingrain these attributes into who you are and live by them daily, you will become the type of virtuous leader that others want to follow!

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