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The Importance of Encouraging Employees to Improve

The Importance of Encouraging Employees to ImproveThe best managers and executives do not wait until employees decide on their own to strive for improved production. These leaders are encouraging employees to improve regularly and equip them with resources to do. 

That’s why encouraging employees to improve is one of 13 employee methods Dale Carnegie research studies found increases productively, transforming team members into future leaders.

Similar to praise and feedback, encouragement offers employees an opportunity to focus on progress, including specific job duties. 

The challenge? All employees are different. 

Some must be encouraged to improve. Others must be reminded why improvements are important to their careers. Still, others may not realize they can do more or how every deadline and deliverable is tied to the organization’s bottom line.

Employees struggle to meet job goals and deadlines; routinely surpass expectations; are new to the organization and adjusting to new roles. Because of this, encouragement techniques vary.

Why is Encouraging Employees to Improve So Important?

In a well-run organization, leadership shares skills with team members – on-the-job tools that give employees better ways to tackle production. Other times, management may teach team members skills that fall outside of employees’ primary job responsibilities. 

This strategy creates knowledgeable, well-rounded team members that are ready to embrace new challenges and larger roles.

Research shows that the more engaged employees are with managers and executives, the better chance they will learn career-building skills. This engagement creates a culture of growth.

Leadership may not have time to give every employee a long list of career-changing tools or opportunities. However, that knowledge can spread from one team member to another, until it reaches the entire organization, creating an amazing company culture! 

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Tips to Encourage Employees to Improve

Tip #1 – Create Weekly Goals 

Specifically, create SMART goals with small milestones to hit. For example, aim to increase production by two percent over the next week or set realistic deadlines (and achieve them). 

Tip #2 -Be Transparent

Let them know what occurs at the organization’s highest level, as well as how their daily performances shape the company’s future.   

Tip #3 – Create an Open-Door Policy 

This empowers employees on all levels with an opportunity to learn vital skills that can increase production.

How Encouragement Empowers Future Leaders

Today’s entry-level employee can become tomorrow’s supervisor, executive, or CEO. That’s why it’s important to arm all employees with reassuring feelings that spark growth. 

Sometimes, it takes a manager or owner to realize the potential in team members – potential that the employees may not see in themselves. That’s why employee encouragement is so important to Dale Carnegie of Orange County’s proven methodology. Our consultants teach individuals and organizations how to transform organizations. 

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