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What is the High Impact Leadership Certificate by Dale Carnegie?

what-is-the-high-impact-leadership-certificate-by-dale-carnegieIn today’s fast-paced global economy, an organization’s long-term success is determined by the ability of its executives to effectively lead through the complex challenges of today’s diverse workforce.

In a recent nationwide study conducted by MSW Research and Dale Carnegie, one of the three main pillars of successful organizational engagement was “Belief in Senior Leadership.” This belief can be directly affected by executives in every interaction they have with people inside and outside their organization.

To help senior executives achieve an impactful Executive Presence and drive their organizational success, Dale Carnegie Training has developed a High Impact Executive Leadership Certificate Program.

4 Courses in the Executive Leadership Certificate

This Executive Leadership Certificate prepares you to manage a diverse workforce. Leaders who go through this course will learn to improve executive communications to drive employee and customer satisfaction. While also maintaining the executive image needed to succeed during periods of growth and recession.

There are four key programs in this certificate:

1. Dale Carnegie Skills for Success

The first course gives you human relations skills to thrive in any setting. For instance, how to form closer, more rewarding relationships built on trust and respect. The program has shown to help people increase their confidence and competence in interacting with others. Consequently, the Skills for Success course material gives leaders the tools needed to gain the influence needed to reach new heights. Both in their personal and professional life.

You’ll learn how to build trust and motivate people to act. You’ll gain ways to project an enthusiastic attitude, communicate logically, clearly, and concisely, and energize and engage listeners. Additionally, the course material will provide you with new ways to manage stress and minimize worry. To sum up, this will make it possible for you to encourage positive thinking and commit yourself and your team to continuous improvement.

For more information on the course, please click here.

2. Dale Carnegie High Impact Presentations

Effective communication is critical in any role. Whether you are persuading colleagues, selling to a client, or energizing a team, the power of your presentation makes the difference between success and failure. This course teaches how to execute your presentation properly, and stand out from the crowd!

Furthermore, you’ll learn to communicate with clarity and certainty, interact with a natural and composed demeanor, and convey complex material simply. Additionally, this course material will explore techniques to overcome adverse situations and teach you ways to project confidence. So, upon completion, you will have all the tools to present in such a way that you get people enthusiastic about your presentation, embrace change, and take action!

For more information on the course, please click here.

3. Dale Carnegie Leadership Training for Managers

The role of the leader is continuously evolving. Nowadays, we find that successful leaders take responsibility to inspire, energize and innovate to meet tomorrow’s challenges. Therefore, this program will help your management team gain the skills needed to shape how the rest of the organization ticks. 

In addition, you’ll learn the 5 Drivers of Leadership Success and master an 8-Step Planning process. These proven techniques enable you to define and align performance goals. Additionally, we’ll explore processes for driving innovation and delegating to match talent to task. As a result, you will have learned how to recognize the potential and coach them to realize their goals.

For more information on the course, please click here.

4. Marshall Goldsmith’s What Got You Here Won’t Get You There

Lastly, executive leaders will identify and examine 20 of the most common challenges often found in executive leadership behavior. Then, executives will use a seven-step method to overcome the challenges they identified. These steps were created specifically for executives by Best Selling Author and executive coach Marshall Goldsmith.

Here’ what you’ll learn in this course:

  • Increase your leadership influence
  • Handle the paradox of success
  • Choose from various feedback methods, and employ those most appropriate for you
  • Apply a seven-step method to change habits
  • Employ feedforward, a practical four-step process to help implement changes
  • Create more productive work relationships

For more information on the course, please click here.

Certificate Investment: $6,750

The time it takes to complete the certificate is dependent on the program schedule and trainers available. Furthermore, depending on how many people you will enroll, you may have the option to customize the program schedule. We always recommend taking one course at a time to have the biggest impact on long-term knowledge.

Note: The  Executive Leadership Certificate is only available at Dale Carnegie of Orange County.

For more information, please contact Dale Carnegie of Orange County.

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