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Combating Quiet Quitting and The Key to Employee Retention

I have written an eBook and over a dozen blogs on how to retain employees over the past year and have included the links to them below. The one thing that all of my blogs have in common is “Intention”.  In other words, if you want to retain employees and combat quiet quitting then the goal, purpose, or aim of your organization has to be to engage and retain employees. It has to be more than just something you talk about. Organizations have to proactively try to put these types of tools to use with other top objectives.

With many organizations under pressure to do more, faster, and with less they often sweep aside initiatives to retain employees and combat quiet quitting in pursuit of “more critical initiatives”. Let’s compare this to the age-old causality dilemma, “which came first: the chicken or the egg?” If the eggs were employees and the chickens were the “critical initiatives,” does it really matter which comes first if neither have lasting staying power without the other? If there are critical deadlines to meet and issues to resolve without employees nothing happens. Likewise, if you have all the employees you need, but nobody buys/needs your product or service, the organization will not last long. Both sides have to be simultaneously prioritized. Organizations that want to position themselves for future success must understand that sacrificing employees for other priorities is no longer an option, it is slowly killing their longevity.

For many organizations, this means a culture change. Changing the way employees are looked at and treated while also pursuing the goals and objectives of the organization. This does not mean you have to give in to every employee’s demand but should have a collaborative and inclusive environment to allow employees to feel empowered by, and connected to, the organization. In today’s world, whether organizations are successful or not will now depend on the focus they put on both employee retention and organizational goals concurrently.

Here are some of the resources that can be used:



  1. Employee Retention Trough Fostering Psychological Resilience
  2. Maximize Employee Retention: Future-proof Your Organization Against Turnover
  3. Employee Retention through Motivational Leadership
  4. Employee Retention Tips for Leaders
  5. Employee Retention through the Development and Advancement of Others
  6. Employee Retention with a Proactive Conflict Management Culture
  7. Employee Retention Through Agile Leadership
  8. Maslow and “The Great Resignation”
  9. Organizational Opportunities VS The Great Resignation
  10. Engage and Retain Employees with a Three-Pronged Approach
  11. Leadership Communication Necessities to Combat the “Great Resignation”
  12. Organizational Flexibility to Combat “The Great Resignation”
  13. Organizational Pride VS The Great Resignation

Employees are the lifeblood of every organization. They are the most valuable assets the organization has and so they deserve to be prioritized with the other top initiatives of the organization. Use the above resources to change the organizational culture, show the organization cares, increase employee retention, and become a profitable and successful organization for years to come.

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