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Combating The Great Resignation: Managers Matter

Combating the Great Resignation: Managers Matter

This 90-minute workshop is designed to provide managers with the tools necessary to create a value-driven culture to combat the “Great Resignation” and make their employees feel inspired, enthusiastic, and empowered to achieve higher levels of performance. They’ll learn the critical actions that must consistently be demonstrated to drive engagement and see measurable results.

What You’ll Learn

The workshop will be interactive. Managers will practice a process for conducting an engagement interview, learn person-centered leadership strategies, and walk away with a proven formula for giving personalized recognition that inspires employees to higher levels of engagement. Managers will learn why their role is vital in combating the “Great Resignation” and explore elements that increase employee engagement.

Why You Want to Learn It

This workshop is important to leaders who want to reduce unwanted turnover, increase productivity, and build a workforce that is aligned with the goals of the organization. It will enable managers to build a more cohesive team, which will yield a positive effect on your bottom line.

How it Will Help You

Employees are important to a company’s success. Research shows that a culture of trust and engagement reduces turnover and increases productivity. Increased performance output and quality lead to happier customers and higher ROI. So bottom line? Engagement combats the “Great Resignation” and helps your bottom line!

February 16, 2022
9:00 AM to 10:30 AM
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