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Free Workshop Events: Drive Sales with Trust-Based Relationships

The purpose of this free workshop and all the other free workshops Dale Carnegie of Orange County hosts is to provide people the opportunity to experience the Dale Carnegie training style first-hand. This month the workshop was Drive Sales with Trust-Based Relationships.

The objective of this workshop was to identify how trust-based relationships can drive customer loyalty and sales. First, the group went over the definition of trust and research of why it matters in business today. Then, we reviewed the Dale Carnegie Credibility Statement (outlined below) and other tools to help establish trust. As a result, students who attended the workshop now hold the power to connect with their customers and clients and begin building trust-based relationships. 

What are Trust-Based Relationships

Dale Carnegie of Orange County sees two key factors to trust: 

  1. The customer’s perception of the salesperson’s credibility
  2. The extent to which the customer believes the salesperson is concerned with doing what is right for them 

Building trust is something that takes time. That being said, it takes numerous positive interactions between the buyer and seller to build loyalty. Only when you have a positive relationship can you achieve an emotionally-committed buyer and engage your customers to stay loyal. 

Why is Customer Loyalty Important?  

There are numerous positive outcomes when your organization is able to build trust and establish trusted relationships. Here are just some of the benefits of having loyal customers: 

  • 77% refer to family and friends
  • 63% write a positive review
  • 81% buy again
  • They are 3X more likely to forgive a single bad experience

Dale Carnegie’s Credibility Statement

Dale Carnegie, one of the top 10 Sales Training companies in 2019, has proven sales tools to help you establish credibility. Thousands of businesses professionals connect to their potential customers and get them to commit. Our tool for customer relationships is our 5-step Sales Model. 

Use the 5-Step Sales Model when introducing yourself at networking events. Additionally, you can also use it as your Credibility Statement when you give your 60-second elevator pitch! See the credibility statement below. 

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.  If you are curious about how to tell a good story, we recommend reading our related blog: Free Workshop Events: Storytelling in Business 

Give Dale Carnegie a Try for FREE

If you are new to our programs, we encourage you to attend one of our 2-hour workshops. The course is completely free, so that you can try us out and experience the powerful method we use to train and transform your way of thinking. The complimentary workshop happens once a month, and the subject matter is always different. 

If you are interested in finding out when the next class is, you can either fill out your contact information here or find a course via our Facebook Page.

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