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Top 10 People Skills You Need in 2020

Top-10-People-Skills-You-Need-in-2019Whether you dream of leading a major corporation or serving as an important team member in an organization, people skills are vital to your growth and development. 

Most successful business leaders today agree that having a successful company culture was vital to the success of their organization. Adding the right fruit (new employees) to their collection of apples can make a world of a difference to the outcome of their smoothies. 

To accomplish this, employers rely more heavily on how the individual accomplished their successes rather than what is written on their resume. Since many industries are pressure-packed with constant communication and fast-approaching deadlines are the norm, the people skills the team possess are what ensures a business is a well-oiled machine in 2020.

Top 10 People Skills You Need in 2020

1. Responsibly Delegate

There is always more work to be done; your ability to recognize and develop other people’s skills will serve you well in any role. Work together with or delegate to energetic and deserving team members. Don’t wait until your job title is upgraded to inspire and motivate those around you to go above and beyond. 

2. Actively Listen

Active listening leads to longer and more productive conversations in the workplace. And what do people want more than anything? To be heard. Stop racing to speak at the first sign of the end of a co-worker’s sentence.  

3. Proactively Problem-Solve

See a problem? Fix a problem. In most cases, you can address minor, obvious issues without waiting for leadership to take action. This is uber-important in fast-evolving industries.

4. Strong Communicator

The art of the spoken and written word: These skills have become even more important in this age of remote jobs. After all, you may never meet your co-worker who lives in a different state – or country. Every person is different, so learn how to best communicate. 

5. Trustworthy

You can’t (or shouldn’t) do it all by yourself. Projects are often completed faster – and with better results – when team members collaborate. Set realistic expectations and utilize project management systems to track progress. And please, please… don’t slow down progress with redundant meetings for the sake of meetings.

6. Patient

Most of us face daily deadlines, no matter if we’re at large corporations or busy startups. We’re all busy, accomplishing more with less (time and resources). Don’t let these pressure-filled projects affect your interactions with co-workers. Mind your tone during in-person interactions, as well as emails. “Please” and “thank you” go a long way, especially during pressure-packed moments. 

7. Good Body Language

Saying the right things isn’t enough. If you roll your eyes or take a long, deep breath before saying, “Thank you,” your physical actions discount all the verbal goodwill. Don’t forget: The majority of communication is attributed to body language. Co-workers will remember your body language vs. what you actually said.

8. Empathetic

In the workplace, empathy speaks to a co-worker’s awareness of others’ feelings; showing compassion during challenging times in the lives of others. From a management perspective, it’s showing you care about employees.  

Offer assistance if a co-worker is struggling to complete a project. If you know someone is dealing with a family tragedy, offer compassion where appropriate. 

9. Relatable

This takes practice. It’s not about altering your beliefs. It’s about realizing there are different ways to envision the world, different ways to address issues. Oftentimes, you’ll be surprised just how much your world views or business practices coincide with others. Be open and share your views on things, so that people feel like they understand you. Naturally, people will reciprocate. 

10. Inspiring

Finally, we believe that having the ability to inspire others is an incredibly important people skill to possess. Learn what your team wants to accomplish as a group and individually, as well as what motivates them to want this. Inspire this person and help them reach these goals. It’s usually an easy win-win. 

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