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How to Get a Leadership Mindset

how-to-start-thinking-like-a-leaderOne of the most common struggles of first-time managers is shifting their mindset to be more like a leadership mindset. It takes conscious effort to re-prioritize their values away from contributing individually towards facilitating the contribution of others. To put it simply: new managers tend to still think about what they need to “do” vs. how they can “lead” others to accomplish the projects at hand.

At Dale Carnegie of Orange County, we are continuously training professionals to become better leaders, presenters, communicators, and sales professionals. Our programs engrain new skills and allow you to put them into practice. The tool below is one of the many we use to help new managers practice their new way of thinking.

Changing Your Mindset From Team Member to a Leadership Mindset

Changing that mindset is difficult because it requires constant reflection on daily responses to workplace situations. It is only through this reflection that self-awareness ultimately shifts your mindset.

To help better reflect on your own approach, Dale Carnegie has developed a Team Member vs. Leader Mindset comparison chart. See it below.

Dale Carnegie's Team Member vs. Leader Mindset Comparison Chart

Becoming a Good Leader

Now that you have a better understanding of how to shift your mindset from individuality to a team-oriented approach, the next piece of the puzzle is to act like a leader. Leadership is a complex discipline requiring conscious effort every day.  As you grow your role as a leader, be sure to always keep these 4 disciplines in mind so you can successfully engage your employees:

  1. Give Sincere Praise and Appreciation
  2. Admit When You Are Wrong
  3. Truly Listen and Value Your Employees’ Opinions
  4. Be Honest With Yourself and Others

To learn more about each discipline, check out: 4 Leadership Disciplines That Engage Employees

How to Step Up To Leadership

If you are interested in stepping up to a new leadership role but are not totally confident you will get the position – we have something for you. Our upcoming course “Step Up to Leadership” is a 1-day seminar that will have the tools to succeed in today’s work environment.  Supervisors and managers who complete this course know how to get cooperation instead of demanding compliance. Making it possible for them to create a lasting impact on their organizational success.

To learn more about the course or to register, please click here.

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