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One Growth Hack to Expand Your OC Business in 2020

One Growth Hack to Expand Your OC Business in 2020It’s true; OC businesses have it good. Businesses are growing, our community is outpacing the national economy, and the future looks bright. Any OC business owner will tell you that much of it is thanks to the hard work and dedication of their workforce. What many won’t tell you, however, is their best-kept secret: Dale Carnegie of Orange County Employee Training.

The Heart of Any Business is the People

They’re the ones who set the tone. Their ideas continue to help organizations grow and innovate. Who work hard to carry the business day after day. With so much being defined by the employees working there, it’s no surprise that many of the top brands around the country have extensive workplace training programs. The majority of the top-performing companies we work with all agree that Dale Carnegie Employee Training was a worthwhile business investment. 

Benefits of Dale Carnegie Programs for OC Business Owners

1. Retain More Employees

Employee retention can say a lot about the state of your business. Taking care of your workforce is a critical step that many business owners don’t realize starts with the training process. Prepare your best employees to step into future leadership roles.  Offering opportunities for your hires to improve themselves on a professional level will incentivize more of them to remain with your business for longer periods of time. Higher retention leads to lower replacement costs and turnover. 

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2. Build Promotable Employees 

Another major benefit of having a well-built employee training program is that it creates an environment of willful participation and a growth mindset. First, set the proper expectations for your staff, and reward them for good work with a well-planned employee development program. Then, you’ll find that a higher percentage of your team will be promotable. This is because of the thirst for extra responsibility that you build into their mentality from the very beginning.  

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3. Optimize Internal Systems

Not only do employee training programs help you retain more talent and set a higher standard of performance, but they can also spot and correct unwanted behaviors before they become a problem for your business. These behaviors can be anything from a lack of customer service to missing a key skill needed for success on the job. Leaning on Dale Carnegie of Orange County will allow you to leverage some of the top resources around to optimize your organization’s internal systems so that the team is at peak performance. 

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4. Execute on New Big Ideas

When you are surrounded by a team that is willing and able to work together, you hold the power to make real change. As an OC business leader, you will find that organizational change management is almost a requirement to stay relevant. That said, Dale Carnegie Training helps leaders prepare for change and encourage employees to embrace the change and drive positive outcomes. 

Don’t take it from us, hear it from Mike Richardson.

Mike Richardson, CEO of Online Trading Academy, enrolled 80 OTA leaders to all take customized leadership programs with Dale Carnegie of Orange County.

Learn More About Dale Carnegie Employee Training

At Dale Carnegie of Orange County, we understand that every OC business is different and has its own unique needs. Are you interested in enhancing your team with one of the best-kept secrets of successful organizations? If yes, then our acclaimed employee training program may be right for you.

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