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The Importance of Communicating Organizational Values to Employees

the-importance-of-communicating-an-organizations-mission-to-employeesImagine an organization where team members stay late to help others with important projects. They volunteer to handle mundane tasks that are vital to the organization’s success. Once a week, they go out to lunch together at a local eatery and on the weekends, volunteer at a local dog shelter.

Now, imagine a team member who is great at his/her primary job responsibilities, but refuses to help others, only works on tasks that lead to public recognition, never makes time for team lunches and always happens to be out of town when everyone else volunteers.  

Doing the job is not always doing enough. 

Organizations need employees that share common values. If you can successfully create a team that is aligned in their values, the rest will follow. At Dale Carnegie, we train executives to communicate the organization’s bigger picture mission to the rest of the team. It is one technique that supports employee engagement and helps you identify high-potential future leaders.

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Why is Communicating Organizational Values Important?

Employees are people. And people are emotional, capable of aiding or sabotaging the workplace. So it’s important to hire people that uphold your organization’s values. But that is only possible when your employees are aware of what your organization stands for. If they lack purpose or direction, it will be difficult to reach that organization state we described above. 

Conversely, employees that work in an environment where organization values align with their values are far more engaged. This engagement typically manifests itself into higher employee retention and production, as well as a financial success for the organization. Team members remain invested in organization outcomes, and organizations become stronger and healthier.

According to Imperative, mission-driven employees are 54 percent more likely to remain at an organization for five years. Additionally, they are 30 percent more likely to become key employees versus those that work for motivations that do not align with organizational values.

Communicating organization values equates to more than scribbling values, mission, and vision on letterhead and filing it away. These core values should become a part of daily life at the organization, starting with the CEO. Communicating defined values daily is no easy task. But it’s an important task, a key ingredient to many successful organizations.

How a CEO Can Integrate Organizational Values Into An Organization

  • Orientation and training
  • Internal messaging (i.e., newsletters) and external messaging (i.e., social media)
  • Rewarding team members that share the organization’s values and goals
  • Incorporate values into hiring and performance review process

Communicate Organizational Values and Goals With Dale Carnegie of Orange County

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