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The Importance of Trust-Based Relationships in 2020

the-importance-of-trust-based-relationships-in-2019We live in a society of ultra-informed customers and clients. We’re surrounded by our competition; they are often one unsolicited email or social media comment away from engaging with your potential client. 

In many cases, your product or service is similar to several others. Your client may not see a clear difference between your offering and the competition’s version. Therefore, your ability to build trust-based relationships in business, including credibility, is often enough to earn new business. 

Why are Trust-Based Relationships so Important?

In the sales world today, trust-based relationships grant better access to decision makers. For instance, trusted relationships lead to positive outcomes; 77% of people will provide referrals, only 17% will buy from your competition, and most importantly 81% of customers will buy from you again.

If you have good relationships based on trust, you will be able to inspire successful pitches and good-faith negotiations. Much like a successful marriage, business partnerships based on trust secure business deals and lead to future agreements. It’s a salesperson’s dream! 

Ask Yourself: Do They Trust You? 

Moreover, building trust produces results, no matter your profession or place on the corporate ladder. Firstly, it all starts with a friendly, transparent conversation. Think about several conversations with potential clients. How would they answer these questions:

  • “Do you trust that I can deliver?”
  • “Am I accessible after the sale as I am before the sale?”
  • “Can you trust that I will address all issues and concerns, not just the ones that lead to immediate financial rewards?”
  • “Do you feel rushed to close this deal so much so that I may miss an important detail?”
  • “Would you say you know me?”

Instead of pushing for a quick sale, offer immediate value. Be human: Explain your goals and define expectations. Secondly, follow-through with every action item, big or small. Get it right the first time. And don’t rush; the deal will close when the deal closes.

Most importantly, our research shows building trust in business relationships leads to referrals, positive online reviews, loyal customers that refuse to buy from the competition and of course, repeat customers. 

How to Build Trust-Based Relationships in Business

If you are interested in enhancing your professional relationships, we highly recommend signing up for our free Dale Carnegie workshop: “Winning with Relationship Selling.” This two-hour complimentary workshop will arm you with skills to build trust-based relationships and win your potential clients over!  

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