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Free Workshop Events: Storytelling in Business

free-workshop-events-storytelling-in-businessThe purpose of this free workshop and all the other free workshops Dale Carnegie of Orange County hosts is to provide people the opportunity to experience the Dale Carnegie training style first-hand.

This month, the workshop was Storytelling in Business: How to Motivate, Inform, and Inspire. The objective of this workshop is to identify how storytelling captures the attention of your audience. The students who attended the workshop now hold the power to enhance their communication. Using the Dale Carnegie magic formula you can also lead with memorable anecdotes and parables to deliver key messages and takeaways. 

How to Use Storytelling to Impact and Promote Action

In the first half of the session, Dale Carnegie facilitator Oscar Toscano educated the group on the different communication tools Dale Carnegie has to make anyone a skillful storyteller. All of which are taught in the 2-Day High Impact Presentations course. But for the purposes of this 2-hour workshop, Oscar proceeded to educate the group on one of the seven: the Magic Formula. 

What is Dale Carnegie’s Magic Formula? 

The Magic Formula was originally published in one of Dale Carnegie’s highly-rated self-improvement books, titled How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. There are three steps to the formula: example, action, and benefit. 

Dale Carnegie's Magic Formula

  1. Example: First, begin with describing a vivid experience relevant to the point you are about to make. If you have 1 minute, Oscar recommends making the 50 seconds of this minute about the example. This will give you the biggest impact. Quickly establish the who, what, when, where, and why. This will let people feel the emotion and create a clear picture of your story.
  2. Action: Ask yourself, what’s the ONE action you want your audience to take away from your story? What should people have learned from the example you just described. Call upon the listener to take a single, specific action.
  3. Benefit: In the same sentence as the action, clearly state the benefit your audience will gain as a result of taking the action. Again, try to limit it to ONE benefit. For example, ‘take the next free Dale Carnegie workshop to gain a new skill!’ 

Try a Dale Carnegie Workshop for FREE

If you are new to our programs, we encourage you to attend one of our 2-hour workshops. The 2-hour workshops are completely free so that you can try us out. Come experience the powerful method we use to train and transform your way of thinking. The complimentary workshops happen once a month, and the subject matter is always different. 

If you are interested in finding out when the next class is, you can either fill out your contact information here or find a course via our Facebook Page.

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