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Why Companies Must Create a Sense of Purpose in the Workplace

why-companies-must-create-a-sense-of-purpose-in-the-workplaceWorking for a paycheck is not enough to satisfy this generation of young Americans. Millennials in the workforce want to know their jobs – a collection of important projects and mundane tasks – are part of a bigger picture. They want jobs that are meaningful. Jobs that create a sense of purpose in the workplace.

This mindset places companies that are financially successful or innovative at an advantage. Millennials want to feel their careers are part of something special, part of a bigger purpose. 

Dale Carnegie of Orange County has identified this trait as one of the 13 ways companies can motivate team members to become leaders.

Does Your Workplace Give a Sense of Purpose? 

Here’s a quick way to discover if your company’s employees feel a sense of purpose in the workplace: Regardless of rank, do your co-workers feel connected and motivated by company initiatives? Does the low man on the org chart at your company feel just as connected to the success of the company as an executive? If the answer is yes, this will lead to improved job performance, productivity, and satisfaction, all of which are likely to improve employee retention.

How President Kennedy’s Interaction With a Janitor Shaped a Generation of Leaders

Perhaps the most famous example of creating a sense of purpose in the workplace in modern American history is a story about President John F. Kennedy visiting NASA in the 1960s. During his visit, Kennedy saw a janitor carrying a broom. Kennedy asked him what job he had at the space station.

“Mr. President, I’m helping put a man on the moon.”

More than five decades after Kennedy’s passing, this story continues to motivate a generation of corporate leaders. In recent years, Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg repeated the Kennedy story during one of his speaking engagements.

“This idea was so clear to us,” Zuckerberg said, ”that all people want to be connected.”

How to Create an Environment Which Embraces a Sense of Purpose? Here Are A Few Ways.

Offer Validation

It’s not enough for employees to be good at their jobs, or to know they’re good at them. All humans desire recognition for a job well done. This does not have to be a grand exercise in praise. A handwritten note will suffice.

Share Company Mission & Initiatives

Owners and managers should share the organization’s overall mission, as well as quarterly initiatives, with employees, helping them understand why everything they do fits into a bigger picture.

Create a Community

Create a workplace where individuals can share who they are with peers. This can be accomplished by starting groups or clubs that participate in community service programs.

Encourage Growth

Employees should constantly embrace new skills and competencies. It’s part of career growth. To accomplish this, companies should offer personal and career development resources, from e-Books to workshop registration.

Dale Carnegie of Orange County Creates Leaders

Interested in preparing key employees for future leadership roles? We highly recommend Dale Carnegie of Orange County training. Giving your employees a sense of purpose is just 1 of 13 ways to transform key employees into leaders. Learn more here

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