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Free Workshop Events: Emotional Intelligence

Free Workshop Events: Emotional Intelligence

Dale Carnegie of Orange County wants to give organizations and individuals an in-person glimpse into our training style. This month’s free workshop was Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify and control emotions – yours and others – greatly increasing the chance for success. Successes in the workplace can range from small, day-to-day decisions to major projects where an organization’s quarterly revenue is at stake.

Why is Emotional Intelligence Important?

Emotional intelligence can have a positive impact on every aspect of your life, from workplace performance and personal relationships to physical and mental health. Emotional intelligence equips us with tools that manage emotions, leading to more positive outcomes and a higher quality of life.

The Emotional Intelligence workshop helped participants learn to analyze situations from multiple points of view, discover how their actions affect others, and leverage emotional controls to work with others. To kick off the workshop, the participants all completed a self-assessment to discover which personality style we associated with most. 

How is Emotional Intelligence Tied to Personality Styles?

The key to deciding how and what to say to others is by identifying which personality style everyone has. First, identify your own personality style and the strengths and weaknesses you have. Next, determine how your personality style interacts with the other personality types. Finally, focus on understanding others and using effective approaches to build collaboration. You will notice that Dale Carnegie’s communication tips will make it easier to take control of your actions and feelings when interacting.

Behavioral psychologists have researched the theory that people’s behavior can be roughly classified into four groups, represented as quadrants. Each quadrant represents the behavioral styles of people in that group. No one is purely any style, and no style is better or worse than another. Each tendency has strengths and weaknesses. By recognizing your dominant style and developing the ability to identify traits in others, you can change our behaviors to interact with a wide variety of personalities and tendencies.

When you know what personality an individual is, it is much easier to tap into a past experience with that personality type and understand what emotions they may be feeling.  Attend the Emotional Intelligence workshop and we’ll show you how to relate with the different styles and get you to test out your new skills in the workplace. 

As we always say here at Dale Carnegie, practice makes permanent! 

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